Friday, June 7, 2013

YA Epidemics #10 - Reverse Week: Why I Love YA

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This is my tenth YA Epidemics post, which seriously amazes me because I had no idea I could keep coming up with so many relevant topics to discuss.  So it's kind of a big deal for me to have these posts officially number in the double digits now.

I've been wanting to write a reverse Epidemics post for quite some time, highlight what I love about YA instead of list things that annoy me.  What better time to do this Reverse Week than for the tenth post?  So here it is, YA Epidemics #10; Reverse Week - Why I Love YA.

You know....

It's easy to read.  The unspoken taboo for YA lovers.  No one wants to admit that they read YA because it's easier, lighter, but we all know we do.  And why shouldn't we?  Reading isn't supposed to be this huge, heavy thing.  It's not supposed to be a way to feel superior to others.  (Though far too many people choose their next books for this very reason.)  Reading is fun!  It's a way to escape reality with your favorite characters, and I'd rather not do so with War And Peace every night.  My head would explode.  So while I do appreciate and enjoy reading the occasional dense/classic novel, YA provides me with the perfect escapism, no subsequent headache required.
It's relatable...even when it's impossible.  Who doesn't remember what it was like to be a teenager?  All the firsts; first love, first loss, first car, first job.  The juxtaposition of feeling self-conscious and all-knowing.  One of adults' best-kept secrets is that we never really outgrow those teenage feelings.  We just learn to deal with them better. (Spoken with all the knowledge of my not-quite-23 years.)  So opening a YA novel and immersing ourselves in what it feels like to grow up for the very first time, it's like coming home again in a way.  It's like acknowledging that we're not all that different now than we were at 17.  Even when we're fighting dragons and demons, or learning that we're the reincarnation of a mystical sorceress, or picking out our very first magic wand, the feelings of finding ourselves and learning who we are is always the same, and always present in our favorite YA books.

It's romantic. If you've never fangirled over a YA character, you're reading it wrong.  I have like fifteen book boyfriends right now.  Don't worry, they know about each other...most of them.  My very first crush was on Stanton from Daughters Of The Moon when I was twelve.  I don't even remember the name of the first real boy I had a crush on.  (One way to know if you're a true book nerd.)  But my point is, YA provides us with some of the most amazing guys out there.  Funny and strong, sensitive and confident, all wrapped up in the body of a teenage sex god.  You just don't find that in real life, and though there are some fantastic book boys outside of YA, a good 12 of those 15 book boyfriends are still too young to legally order a margarita.  But you know what?  I can.  So....
Drink up, I guess

YA is genre-bending. How many book genres can boast contemporary, sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy, mythology, and romance as subgenres?  If you stray out of the YA section of a bookstore and enter another, you lose the genre-bending awesomeness co-inhabiting the same shelf space.  Now I know that all of these subgenres exist in so-called "adult" books, but not together.  "I'm a fan of Young Adult books" is like saying, "I've attended Hogwarts with Harry, staked dozens of vampires with Rose, cried with Hazel Grace, fought in The Hunger Games (twice) with Katniss, found my voice with Melinda, and fell in love with an angel with Karou.  All in the same book section."  Whatever I'm in the mood far, I'm sure to find it right there in my favorite row of the bookstore.
It's fast-paced.  You know that feeling of sitting down to read a chapter or two...only to look up five hours later and wonder where all the pages went?  Well, you're probably reading a YA book when that happens.  Logically, I know that the fast-paced feel is a combination of wider margins, larger print, and bigger spaces.  But damned if it doesn't feel like something much more magical than that.  And no amount of trickery with pages and fonts will make you tear through a book you're not loving like a madwoman on crack.  People that don't get my book obsession are constantly asking me how I can read three, four, sometimes five books in one week.  Like it's hard, like it's a big deal.  When the truth is that I couldn't make myself stop if I tried when I have one of these amazing books in my hands.  To re-enter the real world right when my current alter ego is about to unlock the secret door, or kiss the guy we've been pining over for the very first time, or find out the big mystery that has been branding our brain with insatiable curiosity to do something as mundane as eat or watch TV or get dressed or bathe or acknowledge the existence of people that weren't born on the point of a pen is unthinkable.  And the vast majority of these all-immersive reading experiences occur within the broad YA genre.
They tackle real issues.  Of course this doesn't apply to all YA, but in my experience as an avid bookworm, I've found that YA is more likely to deal with tough issues.  Drugs, sex, abuse, depression, there are so many YA books on all these angsty topics.  In most non-YA books, sex is just something to do when we're bored, not this big thing that actually requires responsibility and knowledge to partake in.  Drugs are often either recreational or used to show us an unreliable character, not explored in the mind of someone lost to addiction and desperately trying to claw their way back.  We're shown the dark sides of abuse and the importance of saying no and standing up for the victims, and depression becomes something that isn't just for "whiny emo attention whores" - which is quite possibly the stigma most likely to send me off into a hulk-like rage, by the way.  Now I know there are some fantastic books outside of the YA section that deal with these issues, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there are nearly as many, and I don't think they're nearly as effective.  I have cried so many tears over ink on paper, and I wouldn't take a single one of them back.
So. Many. Feels.
Best book covers. You all know by now that I'm a cover-whore, right?  My inability to walk away from the gorgeous eye-candy book covers has been the root cause of a good half of my book collection - which isn't small, I might add.  I've spent hours at a time in bookstores, wandering and re-wandering every single aisle in the place, touching covers and sniffing pages, but for sheer cover-lust, no section can compete with the YA section.  Just look at your books right now.  I guarantee you that most of the prettiest ones are YA.  In fact, there have been numerous times that I disliked a book and consoled myself by remembering how bad-ass the cover is.
YA is just plain fun.  At the end of the day, this is probably the biggest reason why I love my YA.  It's fun.  Even when it's emotional, even when it's dark, even when it renders me into a blubbering mess of tears and nose-drippings, it's still fun.  It still provides me with some of the most entertaining evenings I've ever had, and in a world filled with ways to kill an afternoon, that is no small feat.

So while I'm going to keep writing blog posts on the annoying YA trends - I mean, there really are so many - I still love Young Adult novels with a passion that very little in life can evoke from me.  I wouldn't trade a single moment I've spent reading an eye-rollingly bad YA book, because it's by slogging through the worst the genre has to offer that I find the best.  So whenever you're reading one of my more traditional YA Epidemics posts and thinking to yourself, "Damn, this girl must really hate YA," do me a favor and come back to this post.  I'm not the girl too jaded by the genre to appreciate it.  I'm the girl so in love with reading that I spend my days searching through the vast world of YA, never letting the bad hinder my single-minded purpose to find my next great YA book obsession.
Comment time!  I'd love to know what you thought of this post.  Do you agree with my reasons for loving YA? Did I miss one?  Would you want to see more of me praising the positives, or are you more a fan of my jaded sarcasm? Leave it below!


  1. Great post, and it's nice to see you giving some love to YA after always tearing it to pieces! Haha. I thought it was really funny you can remember your first book crush, but not your first real-life crush! I'm not as extreme when it comes to things like that, but only because I'm not much of a romance person so I don't get absorbed by the love stories and heart-throbbing men as I should. But really, I think you pretty much got everything covered here. Maybe also the YA community? You may have to defend yourself to others who don't read YA, but those who do will understand you and accept you without little trouble. I feel like those who read YA are a passionate crowd and so much fun to interact with. It's just an added bonus!

    1. Haha thanks, Asti! I totally agree about the YA community. I could talk to other YA lovers for hours and not get bored.

      I'm definitely a bit of a fangirl when it comes to my favorite books. I crush so hard on some of those YA boys. They've ruined actual guys for me haha.

  2. Love this post! And I agree with most of your reasons. There ARE YA epidemics and I love your series, but your reasons for loving YA are awesome. I think the genre-bending of YA is one of my favorites--I LOVE having a book that mixes stuff up.

    1. Thanks so much! ^.^ I was really excited about writing this one haha. And I agree, genre-bending is a huge plus for YA lovers.

  3. Aw nice to see some YA loving! Even in your snark pieces though, it's clear you love YA. And hear, hear for your last point, it's just plain fun. Totally agree, there is magic in a YA book that you don't get in any other books where the characters are worn down by life or jaded by bad experiences. Life is fresh and anything is possible. The genre bending is a huge plus for me too, I like to genre hop and in a YA I get this within the one book. Great post :)

    1. Thanks, Trish! I'm always a bit nervous when I post a snark piece that I'll upset someone with the topic and they'll boycott me and I'll have to go cry in a corner...but I post them anyway because they're fun to write haha. But it was so awesome to get to pay homage to what I love about the genre this week!

  4. <3 GREAT post!!! <333
    Lol, YA is like the furthest thing from War And Peace. I actually read the whole W&P (it was pretty good), but there is no way that I can read that kind of literature every day. My brain needs some pink cotton candy as well. So I definitely appreciate YA's "easiness" :)

    And who doesn't like to swoon over the hotness of 'Damons'
    Drink up :P

  5. Thanks, Cayce! Your comment made my day. :D

    I haven't gotten around to reading the whole of War And Peace yet. It's just so long and dense, and I'm...well, I'm lazy. :( It's one of the books I'm determined to read before I die, but since I have decades of not-dying left to do, it's fine on the backburner for now haha.

    I actually googled random "drinking gifs" and found that Damon one on the first page. I didn't have to look any further. When the Somerhalder is an option, you take it.

  6. Not only do I love the content of this post (nail on head, once again) but I love the Doctor Who gifs. I feel like I have this influence over you now muwahahaha. For me, YA = easy to read + relatable. The "classics" or more adult books? They bore me. I struggle to get through it. And that's by definition not fun.

    1. Yes. Yes, you do. I swear, it was your constant fangirling on Twitter that made me give Doctor Who a second chance. (Watched the first five episodes a few months back and didn't like them.) Now, I am obsessed. Haha.

      I feel the exact same way about dense adult/classic novels. Like they're trying to shove some hidden meaning into our heads that they layer with flowery descriptions of nothing and tiny font. I read the classics occasionally just because I like to be able to say that I have, but I don't tend to really enjoy them. :/

  7. If you've never fangirled over a YA character, you're reading it wrong. <--I love this line. AND the Drink up thing LOLed so much. I never thought I'd NOT miss your snark. I'm totally one of those "I read YA and I don't care what you think" kinds of people. Actually I'm like that with any genre. The ONE THING that I don't even try to think about is the fact that I'm swooning over these book boys at my age. I try to justify it by saying it's my teenage self who's doing it. Okay I need to stop I'm starting to feel all wrong and creepy. :3

    YA is the best though. The love, the genre mixing, the angst I can't get enough!

    I heart all your epidemic posts <3

    *Stabs you with a fork* YOU KNOW WHY! :D

    1. Aww, Sheri, your comment made my day!!! Sorry it took me so long to get back to it, haven't been online much lately.

      I'm no longer in the "okay to fantasize about teenage boys" age group, but I still have zero shame when it comes to my true love with my book boyfriends. All fifteen of them.

      Yes, I know why you stabbed me. But it still won't stop me if I like Daemon enough. ;)


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