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PaperFantasies is aimed toward avid readers.  Mostly a blog for book reviews, you'll also find the occasional non-review tie-in or meme, though I'll try to keep these to a minimum.

Though I review books from nearly every genre, you will see more fantasy and/or YA books reviewed on this blog than other genres.  I will mix up newer releases with old, books dominating the shelves and books hidden by their shadows.  Indie authors interested in exchanging their book for a review, check out my indie feature page.

Comments are not only welcome but encouraged.  Advertising your blog or book is perfectly fine, as long as at least something in the comment pertains to the post commented on.

Books will be rated using a 1 - 5 -star scale.
  • 1 Star - The most rarely-given rating, this book is basically unreadable.  Only books that fail in virtually every area will receive a one-star rating, and it is synonymous with a personal warning from me to stay far, far away from the book.
  • 2 Stars - This indicates a book that may have some hidden potential buried deep in the convoluted or painfully cliche plot, but for the most part failed to satisfy me as a reader.
  • 3 Stars - Though most people tend to associate a 3-star rating with a sub-par reading experience, at Paper Fantasies it purely means an average read.  The good balances the bad, but typically this rating will indicate a somewhat enjoyable read.
  • 4 Stars - A great book, though with just a few nit-picked qualms.  Overall very, very enjoyable.
  • 5 Stars - The highest of the high, this rating is second only to the one-star rating in rarity.  The issues I had with this novel are so minor as to not even be worth mentioning.  Whereas the one-star is a warning to stay away, the five-star rating is a plea to get your hands on the book and devour it, because it should not be missed.

For books that don't want to fit neatly in the category of a whole-number rating, half-stars will be  added on.  These books fall somewhere in between the two nearest whole-number ratings.
No review I have ever written has been written with malice in my heart.  Positive or negative, all of my reviews are reflections of my feelings about the book, not the author.

*Please note; PaperFantasies is a new-ish blog and subject to changes and makeovers as my blogger skills and understanding grow.*

**All books reviewed are my honest opinion. I do not review books for compensation. Books are either bought, borrowed, or given to me in exchange for an honest review.**

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