Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Follow Me On Bloglovin! (Last Push, I Promise)

Okay so, as I'm sure you all know, Google Reader is dead.  Which means you may not be seeing this post, kind of defeating the purpose of it, but I had to at least give my wonderful followers one last reminder about the wonderful BlogLovin and the services it offers.  (Basically, it's the Google Reader that didn't die.)  It's a fantastic way to follow your favorite blogs and be able to get the gist of their posts all in one little place.  You can follow me by simply clicking the bloglovin widget on the side there.

There has also been talk of GFC fading out before too long, too.  In my blog's earliest days, I spent so much time and put so much effort into building those GFC followers, so if it dies, I *may* have a minor breakdown. 

But in the long run, what matters is this; I'm the blogger, you're the readers, and my biggest mission is to make it so you can read what I post as easily as possible.  If you haven't checked out BlogLovin yet, seriously, do.  It's wonderful and convenient and easy, and all of my favorite bloggers are shining their magnificence on one page for me there.  With all the changes Google is making with its blog options (damn you, Google) it's a blogger's best friend.
So, follow me there or not (but srsly, do), I had to get my last bloglovin reminder in.  Thank you to every single person who thinks this blog deserves a small portion of their time.  Even though I haven't been as active as I'd like to lately, PaperFantasies is one of my few safe havens, and I have you to thank for keeping both it and my motivation alive.


  1. Relevant to your interests, a cartoon guide to vampires, including a bit on the modern paranormal romance ones. NSFW for Barbie Doll nudity, gore and sex talk. http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/4398152.html#cutid1

    1. My computer isn't letting me access the site. :(

  2. The GFC thing has been a rumor since I started blogging over two years ago. Lol. Don't know if it'll ever happen. If it does, they'll give a good long notice like they did with Google Reader (which they gave everyone about 6 months to find another service like BlogLovin'). So I wouldn't worry much yet. :)

    Bout to fix your button! Sorry about stupid Photobucket. *grumbles*

    Love you!


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