Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Review - Fire by Heather James

Is control over the elements a gift, or a curse?

Roxy thinks that she is in control of everything: with flames flaring at her fingertips and an equally fiery attitude, what more could she need? But then she meets Brae, a prince from a rival Realm, who turns her assumptions of superiority upside down.

Jasmine has none of Roxy’s confidence or intensity. But she does have a secret - and Brae - and she’s not going to give either up willingly.

A YA fantasy about opposing nations, each holding different elemental powers, Fire is one of those self-pubs that you could easily see being picked up by a publishing label.  With just a bit of work and polish, this novel could compete with YA fantasies like Graceling and Touch Of Power.  Not without its flaws, Fire is a short and compelling journey told through the eyes of two very different protagonists.

The first thing I noticed about this novel was its prose and structure.  I love me my indie writers, but let’s face it.  Most of them could use with some major editing.  Heather James writes like a pro, making it easy to immerse yourself in her world and her characters.  The build-up of her world was a bit slow, but it was smooth and believable.  If I’m completely honest, there were a few times when I’d feel my attention drifting, but it was never very long before it was back on track.

Jasmine and Roxy, the sets of eyes through which we see the story, are polar opposites.  Jasmine is a somewhat self-conscious girl gifted with the ability to manipulate wind, and Roxy is a strong-willed, feisty fire-user.  Both girls soon have one thing in common; Prince Brae, another wind user.  Ambassador sent to court Roxy and best friend of Jasmine’s, he is the center of another YA love triangle.  Normally an eye-roll would accompany a sentence like that from me, but this time, I didn’t so much mind the triangle.  It was refreshing to see it reversed; two girls and one guy, both with a legitimate reason to feel for the lucky fella, neither seeming more obviously suited to him than the other.

The storyline of feuding nations with a magical backdrop and a strong dose of romance is nothing we’ve never seen before, but it wasn’t a clone copy or predictable mess like some I’ve read lately.  It wasn’t completely riveting, true, but the pace was steady and the read enjoyable.  I’m very satisfied with my experience with Fire, and very thankful to Heather James for having been given the opportunity to read it.  For my fellow indie lovers, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

My sincere apologies to both the author and my readers for this unforgivably late review.  I’ve been having a lot of technical issues with my laptop lately, so it’s growing increasingly hard to find time to write and post reviews.  Hopefully these issues will be sorted out before my next Indie Spotlight review.

Fire - 3.5 out of 5 stars

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